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Nutrition Injections Specialist
Nutrition Injections services offered in Las Vegas, NV

Nutrition injections boost energy, improve immunity, and have a number of other bodywide health advantages. At Atlas Health Institute, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the team of wellness experts including Ariana Mancilla, APRN, and Jonathan Tyler, PA-C, offers nutrition injections like vitamins D, C and B12 to boost your health in a fast and safe way. Schedule your wellness consultation online or call the office today.

What are nutrition injections?

Nutrition injections are injections of natural substances like vitamins. Atlas Health Institute offers nutrition injections to give patients a way to get virtually instant health benefits. 

While nutraceuticals (premium quality nutritional supplements) are an excellent way to manage your health and wellness long term, there may be situations in which you need a larger or faster dose than nutraceuticals can provide. 

In that case, nutrition injections or another delivery method like intravenous (IV) therapy is an effective way to get what you need, in the ideal amount, with immediate effects. 

What do nutrition injections contain?

Atlas Health Institute offers customized nutrition injections, with the main ingredients including: 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, aka the sunshine vitamin, gives you a large dose of a natural vitamin that helps you to maintain healthy bones, boost immunity, and even fight cancer cell growth. The vitamin may also have other beneficial effects like relieving depression and supporting weight loss. 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 fights fatigue, offers a rapid energy boost, and improves your metabolism. It helps many people to lose extra weight. Vitamin B12 also promotes blood and nerve cell health, helps to make DNA, and prevents a draining type of anemia. 

There are also a variety of enzymes and other natural supplements that can improve the effects of your nutrition injections. You can get many of the same vitamins and minerals in IV therapy and nutraceuticals in injection form, so ask the Atlas Health Institute team which treatment approach is right for you. 

Vitamin C

Where do nutrition injections go?

Generally, the team administers intramuscular (directly into a muscle) nutrition injections. The most common injection areas include the thigh, buttock, and upper arm. Because the injection needle is very thin, many people find the process virtually painless.

Do nutrition injections combine well with other treatments?

Nutrition injections combine with other treatments very well because they’re natural substances. When you come to Atlas Health Institute for treatment, you’ll have a comprehensive health work-up including blood testing. 

The results of your tests indicate which treatments are best for you, and the team then explains how treatments like hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy, nutraceuticals, and peptide therapy can work together to maximize your health. 

Atlas Health Institute is here to help with customized nutrition injections and other natural treatments for wellness. Book your appointment online or call the office for help today.