5 Amazing Benefits of Peptide Therapy

Jul 05, 2023
5 Amazing Benefits of Peptide Therapy
Peptide supplements are gaining more and more popularity in this day and age due to all of their health benefits. We go over 5 of these health benefits here.

Peptides have been steadily increasing in popularity due to all the health benefits that they have to offer. It’s been shown to do a number of things for your body like increase your libido or slow down the effects of aging. 

Because there’s hardly anything peptides can’t do for you, our team at Atlas Health Institute located in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers peptide therapy as a more natural solution to many health problems. In this blog, we explore more information about this treatment and what benefits it has to offer you.

Understanding peptides

Peptides and proteins are both made out of amino acids. While proteins are made up of very large strings of amino acids, peptides are only made out of about 2-50. However, because peptides are so much shorter than proteins, your body absorbs them significantly faster. 

Peptides that are man-made are similar to the ones that your body makes and can still be used for a number of health purposes.

What can peptide therapy address?

At Atlas Health Institute, we use peptide therapy that contains peptides in different forms. This can include nasal sprays, topical creams, injections, and oral tablets in order to help you achieve your specific health goals. Here’s just some of the things peptide therapy can be used for:

  • Build up muscle mass and encourage muscle repair
  • Reduce inflammation in your body
  • Increase bone mass and strength
  • Heal injuries by triggering collagen growth
  • Grow your melanin supply and reduce your risk of skin cancer

Peptide therapy can also give you a much needed energy boost if you’re suffering from things like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. 

Benefits of peptide therapy

While there’s so many benefits that peptide therapy has to offer, these are five we think are worth noting:

  1. Lowers your blood pressure
  2. Improves immune function
  3. Assists with weight loss
  4. Helps fight against the effects of aging
  5. Prevents the formation of blood clots

Peptides also work well when paired together with nutraceuticals and IV therapy.

Next steps

If you’re ready to try out peptide therapy and all it has to offer, contact our team to see if it’s a good treatment solution for you. Everyone is going to respond to peptides differently, so our team can perform an evaluation to see not only if you would be a good candidate, but also what kinds of peptides would work best.

To set up an appointment with us, give us a call or use our online scheduler today.